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Industry-leading R&D tax credit specialists

Businesses are fueled by innovation, yet consistent innovation is difficult to sustain. Trillions of dollars in Federal and State funding exist to increase research and development activities across a huge range of sectors. The process can be challenging, especially with increased compliance requirements, but RK guides you through the process, allowing you to access this new source of cash securely and efficiently.

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Determine your eligibility

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ and R&D credit can be applied to a plethora of industries.


1. New process/product

Have you designed or developed one in the last three years?


2. Existing process/product

Have you enhanced any to improve their operational or technical efficiency?


3. Technical challenges

Have you had to overcome any to advance your own knowledge of a product or process that you use? 


High-impact services for your clients or portfolio companies

Partnering with RK lets you offer your clients or portfolio companies value-added services in innovation tax credits.



We can help provide your clients with lucrative tax credits and also participate in a revenue-share.



When we work with VCs, your entire portfolio can benefit from tax credits with a single centralised process.


Associations & Trade Bodies

Associations partner with us to help their members understand and apply for lucrative credits, also with a revenue-share.

Need help with a project?

Our handpicked team of experts will guide you through the process, eliminating confusion and maximizing your funding.

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